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This is a website that provides all the information about plastic dryers. Plastic dryers are also called plastic dehumidifiers, plastic Plastic desiccant dryer , dehumidifying dryers, plastic resin dryers, plastic pellet dryers, etc. Plastic dryers not only dehumidify and dry plastic, resin or plastic pellets. It can also dehumidify and dry feed pellets, grains and other pellets. Here we do not provide plastic dryer equipment, plastic dryer manufacturers, plastic dehumidifier factories, plastic dryer companies; we also provide plastic drying principles, plastic drying applications, correct operation of plastic dryers, and common faults and solutions of plastic dryers Method, plastic dehumidifier installation, plastic drying price and market conditions
Are you still worrying about choosing a plastic dryer, quality, price, technology, and after-sales service?
Here, we bring you not only plastic dryer equipment, but also plastic dryer accessories, technology, operation and maintenance and other knowledge to share with you, so that you can understand all the relevant knowledge of plastic dryer!
I hope it will help you when choosing a plastic dryer or using a plastic dryer! If you don’t understand, please consult us!

What is a plastic dryer?

 Gravimetric blender Plastic dryers are mainly used for digitally controlled automatic dehumidification drying equipment for dehumidifying and drying plastics, resins or plastic particles. It can also be used for feed pellets, grains and other pellets. It is mainly used in the most common plastic injection and extrusion workshops.
Plastic dryer: It can be divided into hot air dryer, hopper dryer, honeycomb dehumidifying dryer, plastic humidifier, dehumidifying dryer, three-in-one dehumidifying dryer;
Because most engineering plastics are hygroscopic, coupled with the influence of weather and regional climate, it is easy to produce synthetic plastics with different particles to achieve the molding effect. In the granulation process of other plastic materials, the water content and hygroscopicity of the preformed gas are also different, such as PET, PC, PA, PBT, PPS, LCP, absorption and other hygroscopicity, so it is easy to foam and silver. If defects are found, There are problems such as cracks and cracks, which seriously affect product quality.
The plastic dryer will effectively solve the problems of bubbles, silver wires, cracks, stability, etc. that appear in the production process of the product.[Plastic dryer encyclopedia]
Various plastic dryer types and manufacturers
Plastic dryers are generally divided into crystal dryers, dehumidification dryers, hot air dryers, plastic dehumidifiers, three-in-one dehumidification dryers, hopper dryers, and TWO-in-one dehumidification dryers. These plastic dryers have their own characteristics. According to factors such as corporate funds, production materials, drying speed, etc., it is important to decide to choose the correct plastic dryer, so as not to waste resources or financial resources.
I hope it will help you when choosing a plastic dryer or using a plastic dryer! If you don’t understand, please consult us!
Plastic dryer Three-in-one dehumidification dryer Plastic dehumidifier
Plastic dryer
Price:3200-5500 USD/set
Peature:Commonly used in the pelletizing line to dehumidify and dry plastics or pellets of PE, PET and other raw materials
Plastic dryer,
Price:6000-12000 USD/set
Peature:Adopt PLC program control to automatically dehumidify, dry, load and unload plastic raw materials
Plastic dehumidifier
Price:2500-8000 USD/set
Peature:Use program control to automatically dehumidify plastic materials such as PC, PET, PLA, etc.
Hopper dryer Hot air dryer Crystallization dryer
Hopper dryer,Plastic dryer,plastic dehumidifier,dehumidifying dryer
Price:3800-6500 USD/set
Peature:A dryer that can be directly installed on the injection molding machine to dry raw materials
Hot air dryer,Plastic dryer,plastic dehumidifier
Price:3100-7500 USD/set
Peature:It is an independent simple plastic dryer, which can be applied to plastic or feed
Crystallization dryer,Plastic dryer,PET crystal dryer
Price:3000-9500 USD/set
Peature:Dryer mainly used for dehumidifying and drying crystalline plastic raw materials
Plastic dryer factory video
Latest supplier products
Plastic dryer accessories
Principles and technologies of various plastic dryers
Here we will introduce in detail the principle and characteristics of various types of plastic dryers and their operation and all technologies of plastic dryers.
Principles of various dryers Plastic dryer operation video About plastic dryer technology
Application of plastic dryer in various industries
Plastic dryers are widely used in industry. Almost all plastic companies must dehumidify and dry plastic raw materials, especially in industries that require high-quality and high-precision products such as medical, military, and automobiles!
Application of central feeding system  Gravimetric blender Application of central feeding system  Gravimetric blender Application of central feeding system  Gravimetric blender Application of central feeding system  Gravimetric blender
Plastic dryer design and installation plan
For an enterprise, installing a plastic dryer requires a good design solution. A good design and installation program can not only save a lot of money, production space and labor, but also consider production safety, energy saving and environmental protection for the enterprise! For more assured production!
Plastic dryer dehumidifies PET PC Hopper plastric dryer PE plastic dryer
 Gravimetric blender  Gravimetric blender  Gravimetric blender
Design scheme of plastic dryer in injection workshop Design scheme of plastic dryer in injection workshop> Design scheme of plastic dryer in injection workshop
 Gravimetric blender  Gravimetric blender  Gravimetric blender
About the application of plastic dryer
Here will be a comprehensive introduction to the global plastic dryer market information, as well as the related problems of plastic dryers and all the knowledge of plastic dryer composition, installation, operation and maintenance
International Information Questions and answers about plastic dryers
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